Frequently Asked Questions

How much is rent?
The two-bedroom two bath apartments are priced starting at $995.00.  We offer several alternatives for apartment location, length of lease and move in date, and these alternatives will affect the actual price we quote.  Prices change daily so be sure to get your quote now! 

How much do utilities cost?
All apartments are provided with an individual, high speed, wi-fi internet connection.  When you move in, there’s nothing to do other than enter the wi-fi password into your computer, cell phone, and other devices.  We bill you a monthly fee of $75 for this internet service which you pay with your rent each month.


Each apartment has individually metered electricity through Georgia Power.  Each resident benefits from energy star appliances, LED lighting, and air conditioners with a SEER 19 efficiency rating.  The average Georgia electricity bill is about $126 per month.  We recommend budgeting $70 per month, bearing in mind this is just an estimate as some months will be more or less expensive than others.


For the typical resident, using about 3,000 gallons of water per month, the cost will be about $30.  We recommend budgeting $40 per month.  This service is set up in the landlord name will be billed to your rent account each month.


Trash and Pest Control 

These services are provided at no additional cost to the resident.


Is Cable TV service available?

No traditional cable TV service is not available. Liberty Club provides built in internet service, allowing you to choose your streaming services & devices based upon your preferences. We recommend you obtain TV programming services such as AT&T TV, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ etc. 

How do I apply?

Visit our website and select leasing info from the menu.  You will be prompted to make an account, choose a lease term and move in date, then a quote will be emailed to you.  From there you enter your information, pay the $35 application fee, and the credit check will be run.  We will contact you the next business day to get you set up ready for move in!

How do I know if I’ll qualify?

We evaluate all applications based on credit score, employment, and income.  A verifiable landlord reference will also be reviewed to enhance your application’s overall merit.

Will I be required to pay a security deposit?

Most of our applicants are approved without a security deposit.  Applications that are marginal will be required to provide either a refundable security deposit equal to 1 months rent, or setup a security deposit bond.

How does a security deposit bond work?

If a security deposit is required, you may provide a security deposit bond instead.  We partner with a third-party bond provider and provide details on the setup.  It’s a simple and quick application process online, the bond company will charge you a (non-refundable) fee of between $100 and $200 (based on your credit profile) to put up your $1,000 bond.

What do I need to do on move in day?

Once you are approved, you need to set up your electricity service with Georgia Power, and be prepared to provide proof of such on move in day.  You will also need to pay the first month rent, which is pro-rated based on the number of days.  If you move in after the 20th of the month, then you also need to pay the next month rent.  If you were approved with the requirement of a refundable $1,000 security deposit, you would either pay this or the security deposit bond for between $100-$200. Don’t forget, water/sewer and internet are already set up for you.

Do I have to get the Georgia Power/electricity bill in my name?

If you prefer, and elect to do so, we can leave the electricity bill in the landlord’s name.  We will pay the Georgia Power bill (you can get a copy from the Office) and then charge your account for the amount paid plus a convenience fee of $20 per month.  Some find this useful if they are on a shorter-term lease or deployment, or if they don’t want to go through the Georgia power credit check and deposit requirements.

What are the Management Office opening hours?

We are open from 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm Saturday and by appointment only Sunday, except Holidays.

Is this a gated community?

Liberty Club is not a gated community.  However, we have numerous cameras and security devices throughout the property to deter any criminal activity, in addition to regular Police patrols. We also have courtesy officers on site & on call for residents. 

What if I am in the Armed Services and I get re-deployed?

Simply send us a 30 day notice and a copy of your post orders.  We will terminate your lease at the expiration of 30 days, or whenever your last day is.  Of course, you need to clean the apartment and return it to us in the same condition you received it, except for normal wear and tear. Please keep in mind we do provide garage storage for rent should you need a secure place to store your belongings while deployed.

How does Co-housing work?

Co-housing or by the bed leasing is offered with a roommate matching service.  Residents have exclusive use of the bedroom and one bathroom but will share the common area (living room, kitchen, laundry area).  We will facilitate matching services, you do not have the right to veto a roommate, but we will do our best to match you with somebody compatible.  We will only match you with a member of the same sex, unless you both specifically agree otherwise.  The cost is $525 per person per month, plus $40 for wi-fi internet, and utilities will be billed back at the actual cost (each roommate pays half) plus $10 per month.

Do you have furnished accommodation?

We offer a limited number of fully furnished units.  Furnishings include couch, coffee table, dining table and chairs, bar stools, beds, dressers, and end tables.  The cost for the furniture package is $250 per month.  We do not have partially furnished apartments, only fully furnished.  We do not provide “soft furnishing” like blankets, pillows, kitchen items etc.

Do you have washers and dryers in the apartments?

All apartments include a washer-dryer hook up.  Washer and dryer sets can be rented for a cost of $50 per month, just let us know prior to move in if you interested in this option.

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